Fall Cleaning Tips for your Home

It is very important to clean your home…and regularly. When your home is dirty or disorganized, it is very difficult to focus on anything you do. Most importantly when people come to your place and if your home is dirty then it creates a bad impression. In an attempt to force myself to prepare for cleaning, I am turning this into a post about cleaning tips (and things that have worked for me!)


5 Cleaning Tips for Fall

1. Clean and organize the garage

Clean the garage. When it comes to cleaning the garage, everyone is lazy as it takes lots of time. For lots of people, the garage in their house is a secret place which is never cleaned. Honestly speaking, cleaning a garage is a very difficult job and start it as soon as possible if you haven’t. So start with entry door from where your car enters and gradually move to the back of the garage. Before cleaning your garage it is advisable to make some notes like keeping the tools and accessories in front which you use often and the tools which are used once in 6 months, keep them in the backside of your garage. Now after positioning everything, sweep the floor and clean properly.

2. Clean your carpets

Winter is going to be mess with all the mucking in and out. But by cleaning the carpets now, you can prepare the carpet for the long winter months. Chem Dry solutions are the most effective way to go. This is a cleaning solvent which “dry cleans” the carpets. Typically the drying period can last many hours, but when we used a local carpet cleaning company, Drycon, the carpet drying time was less than an hour and the carpets looked almost brand new. They recommended that after a long and cold winter, we re-clean the carpets in the spring. This also has health benefits as particles become trapped in the carpet fibers and inhalation can be damaging to health. (You can learn more about Drycon’s carpet cleaning in Nashville on their website: http://dryconnashville.com/

3. All about windows and their covering

All the windows in the house need to be washed using a glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid sprayed on the window glass and wiped using a microfiber cloth. In case the windows are extremely dirty you can start by dusting it or by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the frames. The blinds also need to be vacuumed first and then it can be submerged in cool water with a bit of dishwashing liquid after removing the metal weights. If the drapes are cotton, wool, polyester then they can be machine washed but materials like silk, satin etc. need to be sent to a professional cleaner who can give proper home cleaning tips.

4. Kitchen cleaning

It is very important to ensure that the kitchen is clean and germ-free every once in awhile. All the ceiling, sink, slab and shelves need to be cleaned. The refrigerator needs to be cleaned properly. All the racks, shelves, and bins need to be removed and cleaned using an antibacterial cleaner. The door gasket also needs to be cleaned very well. The stove also needs scrubbing to get rid of all the grease. In the case of an oven, it should be heated with a cup of ammonia in a ceramic dish inside the oven to loosen all the baked stuff. The windows should be left open while doing this.

5. Clean the roof gutters

The last tip is to clean the roof gutters that create lots of problems especially during the spring season as this roof gutters are nothing but they are traces and chutes that block the water especially the rainwater off your roof. Normally it is very difficult to clean the roof gutters but after a light rain the leaves are lightly damp and come up more easily. The main place where the heaviest concentration of leaves and gunk gets accumulated is at the drain outlets, so it is better if you start cleaning from there. So remember one thing that if you are seriously looking for a good gutter maintenance then definitely take a look at your home’s roofline and follow the home cleaning tips. Like with all professional services, I would recommend thoroughly checking the reviews and reputation of any company. A great place to start checking contractors in this area is on the Better Business Bureau website