New Music News

Here in Nashville, we always encounter so many unbelievably talented singers and songwriters. The entire city is full of musicians who came here to launch their careers and take their music careers to the next level. I remember when I was in college, I tended bar with a very talented singer named Joe. He seemed like a very normal student, but on the nights we did karaoke, suddenly he transformed into another person. Years later, while watching music television, I saw him hosting the Country Music Television awards. His career had taken off – many of you will know his by his stage name of Joe Nichols. Many people will recognize “Brokenheartsville” (2003), “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” (2005), “Gimmie That Girl” (2010), “Sunny and 75” (2013) and “Yeah” (2014).


Also exciting for me is rumor that Kaskade is releasing a new album soon. Many of you will know his hits featuring Deadmau5 called “I Remember”, and the hits “Turn It Down” and “Eyes”. Another of his greatest songs in the electronic genre is the mix with featuring Skylar Grey called “Room for Happiness”.  Supposedly Kaskade has returned to the studio in Marquee, the Las Vegas nightclub, to record his new upcoming album. We hope this comes out soon – almost everything that Kaskade musically produces is unbelievable!


That’s it for this week – we’ll bring you more music tips and updates soon!

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