Top 5 Broadway Plays

Having been in theater for most of my life, I have not only seen hundreds and perhaps even a thousand performances – but I have actually taken part in over 30 separate shows.  As part of the cast, you really get to experience a show in a different manner – one that allows you to see the inside, not just the outside.

However, like everyone, I have my favorites, my “evergreen” favorite broadway shows. For me, these are, in no particular order:

The Phantom of the Opera – This is just a classic, one that is for the ages. I first saw it at age 10…and since then, have seen it perhaps every few years.

The Lion King – My first Disney play. I was blown away. But the music and storyline really make this one, don’t they?

A Chorus Line – My mother played the soundtrack from Chorus Line when I was growing up, so I hear it over and over and over. Just got stuck in my head 🙂

Man of La Mancha – My sister and I used to watch the movie version of this. So many different tones to the music – and a fantastic story for the ages.

Grease – Another leftover from my mother. We grew up singing these songs around the house.

phantom of the opera