Winter is coming… to Nashville

Winter is finally coming to Nashville. If you haven’t endured the cold winters we have here then you’re in for some surprises. One of the worst things about living in Nashville is that we are just on the eastern edge of the central time zone (Central Time).

Why is this a negative thing? It’s because the sun will set in Nashville proximately one hour earlier than it sets in most places. For example, when I lived along the eastern seaboard, in Washington DC, the sunset at approximately 5:45 PM. By going in our westward the difference in sunset time was only perhaps five minutes. But Nashville is right up against the eastern edge of the central time zone, which extends all the way past the Mississippi. So that means that the sun sets in Nashville somewhere around 4:30 PM in the deep of winter! Yikes!  You’ll notice the Nashvillians are often complaining about the darkness. That’s because they actually receive one hour less of life than most places.

So what can you do to help deal with this cold weather and darkness? One of our favorite things to do is to check out shows at TPAC or the Nashville Opera.  Another fun thing that we did recently with the kids was to go to Opryland (or rather the grand old Opry). The have an entire set up with ice-skating and ice sculptures. There are plenty of restaurants in Opry Mills where you can eat afterwards.